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Programming Windows Phone 7, by Charles PetzoldFolks, he’s done it again! 24 chapters, about 1,000 pages. Congratulations to Charles, who has outdone himself!

Speaking for Charles and for the Windows Phone 7 team, I hope that you will enjoy Programming Windows Phone 7:

You can download a PDF here (12.5 MB). [NOTE on November 2: The fixed PDF is now available via the link. We have also enabled commenting, which means you can highlight text and add notes. Again, we’re sorry for the hassle!] [NOTE on November 1: we see the blog comments about presentation issues with the ebook. We’ve determined that the PDF is missing a required embedded font. This is leading to odd (or worse) presentation for some of you, including bitmapped text. We’re working with the vendor to create a new file. I’ll let you know when the new file has replaced the old one in the Microsoft Download Center. We apologize for this!]

You can download an XPS here (26.7 MB).

And you can download the ebook’s sample code here (5.03 MB).

To give you a sense of this offering read the complete article here.


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