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nopCommerce is the best open source eCommerce and shopping cart solution out there. There are some other popular choices but I have found this to be a very neatly managed offering. Recently the nopCommerce team have released v1.5 which contains a very cool set of features.    

If you choose to go for nopCommerce please make sure that you have enough room available in your database. I faced a terrible situation during the times when one of my clients had their site hosted on GoDaddy and one day they complained that they cannot add images anymore. The reason I found out that since nopCommerce (I was working with v1.3) was storing all the images in the database as ‘Binary’ and GoDaddy only allows database a maximum size of 200 MB (what a joke!). That was the time when I started looking for a new hosting as well how fix this issue. Luckily I got both. My client got rid of GoDaddy and switched to ThePlanet and I rewrote the PictureManager.    

In general I am happy with this product but there certain things I don’t admire:    

1. Images are stored in file system as well as the database which makes it unfeasible for small projects. I would suggest that they include a feature ‘Hosted Images’ so that the owner can choose between self or third-party hosting. 2. The product is tied to Microsoft SQL Server again minus point for small setup. You can find countless request on the internet and their forums requesting for a MySQL version but there is no official support. In my estimation this could be a single exploding feature for the ASP.NET community if they had supported multiple databases or the leading databases such as MySQL, SqlLite, Oracle etc. My suggestion to the team is to go for a ORM like Hibernate, Entity Framework, TopLink etc which will release the pressure of maintaining multiple layers of Data Access code.   

You can try out the latest version in their demo store here:    

Demo Store Front

Demo Store Administration

Demo Store Administration


While these were the unlikes the ones I admire are just too many. I highly the quality of code which is highly modularized and layered.   

 I have a thorough working of nopCommerce on multiple versions. Following are my contributions:   

  • Integration with eBay implementing two way inventory synchcronization.
  • PayPal Standard customer address issue.
  • Anonymus user automatic registration when doing transactions with PayPal.
  • Implemented a new version of PictureManager which does not store images inside the database.
  • Added professional looking Invoice for single and multiple orders.


I would ge glad to help anyone working on this great product. 


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