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Server Error in ‘/’ Application.

Cannot open database “<Database Name>” requested by the login. The login failed.

Login failed for user ‘IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool’.

Hi everyone I hope you are doing fine and as you can see I am in good mood too. Staring off the day with some cool greetings from IIS. The other I a discovered Microsoft SEO Toolkit and analyzed my client’s website at www.SquareCircuit.com. The results were really helpful and I started fixing them one by one and decided that I will execute it locally for instant results when I got yellow carpet reception by IIS 7 via IE 8.

However the fix proved to be an easy one (I glad to say that as they usually eat up one half or more). The new IIS uses the ‘Application Pool Identity’ as shown below:

IIS Application Pools

IIS Application Pools

Before discussing the solution I would like to explain the why part. IIS 7 uses a default account in this ‘IIS_APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool’ and this account is not added to SQL Server. This can be verified using SQL Server Management Studio in the Secutiry > Logins.

Now the solution is pretty obvious
a) You enter the IIS Default Pool account in the SQL Server Logins.
b) Change the identity of the default application pool (recommended).

Changing Application Pools Identity

Changing Application Pools Identity

Hope this helps.


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