Nearly every language out there uses templates in some shape or form to minimize the amount of code that has to be written in an application. By using templates you can define a template structure once and use it to generate code, HTML or other formats. If you’ve created ASP.NET applications then you’re aware of how powerful and productive templates are when it comes to generating HTML output. However, what if you want to use templates on the client-side to generate HTML rather than writing a lot of JavaScript to manipulate the DOM?

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Programming Windows Phone 7, by Charles PetzoldFolks, he’s done it again! 24 chapters, about 1,000 pages. Congratulations to Charles, who has outdone himself!

Speaking for Charles and for the Windows Phone 7 team, I hope that you will enjoy Programming Windows Phone 7:

You can download a PDF here (12.5 MB). [NOTE on November 2: The fixed PDF is now available via the link. We have also enabled commenting, which means you can highlight text and add notes. Again, we’re sorry for the hassle!] [NOTE on November 1: we see the blog comments about presentation issues with the ebook. We’ve determined that the PDF is missing a required embedded font. This is leading to odd (or worse) presentation for some of you, including bitmapped text. We’re working with the vendor to create a new file. I’ll let you know when the new file has replaced the old one in the Microsoft Download Center. We apologize for this!]

You can download an XPS here (26.7 MB).

And you can download the ebook’s sample code here (5.03 MB).

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Due to the latest paradigm shift in web development, more and more websites are loading and displaying all types of dynamic contents on the web pages. Web 2.0 based websites such as Gmail. Facebook and Twitter have not only changed the user’s expectations but also forced developers to learn more dynamic and exciting ways to build web applications. Client side web technologies like AJAX, XHTML, DOM, JavaScript and JQuery are now mandatory ingredients of every web developer resume. In my previous tutorial, I have shown you how you can call ASP.NET web services using JQuery AJAX capabilities. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can pass parameters to web services and how you can use JSON data returned from web services to display dynamic contents on web page.

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Flickr is world’s largest and most popular photos hosting and sharing website, which provides a platform to many amateur and professional photographers to share their work with people all over the world. It has millions of photos in its database, and it provides photo feeds to thousands of websites and blogs every day. If you are an experience developer you can use Flickr API to spice up any website or blog with high quality photos, and if you scared off Flickr API then don’t worry Flickr has public photos feed available to you, which returns photos based on matching keywords in a pretty straight forward manner. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can mix the magic of JQuery and JSON with Flickr photo feeds to retrieve and display photos ASP.NET.

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If you are a regular internet user and specially visit sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Mail, I am sure you are familiar with the popup dialog windows appears on the screen asking you different options or display information or warning messages. Popup dialog windows are child windows and commonly used in GUI systems and User Interface designs to interact with the user without disturbing the main application or window workflow. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can create simple and modal popup dialog windows using JQuery.

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.NET DateTime Goodies


A great post on .NET DateTime structure check out here.

For all us who did not participate (or could not) in this year’s PDC here is an excellent resource for downloading all the videos here.

PDC 10 Downloader

PDC 10 Downloader